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Available now from your nearest Anchor Distributor.
Why deny yourself the exquisite sexual fulfillment you crave.
With XCREME™ Ultimate Sensual Gel for Women,
ecstasy is just a squeeze away
Ultimate Sensual Gel
for Women R150.00
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In recent years the subjects of female libido
performance, your sexual health, and great sex
have yielded incredible and exciting developments.
The causes and effects of the female orgasm and
pressure point are only now beginning to be understood
and finally a non-prescription, all-natural product is available
to directly enhance the enjoyment of sex. Too many women
have for too long been unable to fully enjoy the miracle of
orgasmic sex and for decades this has been the secret loss
of both young and old. Research conducted reveals that
millions of women worldwide have a problem experiencing
sexual satisfaction and a great number do not even know
what an orgasm is or how it is achieved
. Furthermore,
statistics indicate that one out of three relationships break
up due to sexual frustrations or dysfunctions.

A common topic amongst women is about sensuality and lack
of orgasm but until now there has not been an immediately
effective product to help.

Announcing XCREME™ Ultimate Sensual Gel for Women!

Developed as a female orgasm enhancer product and clinically tested for safety and purity, it instantly creates a delightfully cool tingling sensation when applied as directed. The sense of heightened sexual excitement may be extended with further applications. Used as directed, new levels of sensitivity and intimacy can be achieved resulting in a new, better sex life.
XCREME™ Ultimate Sensual Gel for Women is a natural and safe product with no undesired side effects. It is a stimulant to the soft tissue of the genital area which results in an unbelievable orgasm. It is not a vaginal application product.
XCREME™ Ultimate Sensual Gel for Women provides stimulation to the clitoral tissue, which facilitates greater blood flow for maximum arousal and satisfaction. It also stimulates tremendous lubrication that enhances self-lubrication and therefore more comfortable and intensely more satisfying sex.
75% of men and 29% of women always orgasm with their partner (Laumann, Gagnon, Michael, Michaels, 1994). This leaves a huge question mark about the other 71% of women. Surely such a statistic does not need to exist when a product like XCREME™ Ultimate Sensual Gel for Women is available? In the past, sex-enhancing products have been the selfish realm of men. However, in the last few years a silent revolution has taken place and now men and women have access to medical products designed with the sole purpose of great sex in mind. XCREME™ Ultimate Sensual Gel for Women is just such a product and if you try it even once you will understand. The sex is THAT GOOD. It has been endorsed as all-natural and safe. Trials have concluded that it is the most effective gel of its kind and the women involved continue to use it as the most satisfying orgasmic sex-enhancer they have ever tried. Sexual Health Checklist for female libido performance and your sexual health.

Ask yourself the following questions.
Do you sometimes: Do you want:
• Have difficulty achieving orgasm?
• Have difficulty maintaining lubrication during sex?
• Have a lack of interest in sexual activity?
• Have lower than normal sex drive?
• To experience MIND-BLOWING orgasms time after time?
• Longer, more comfortable and much more sensual sex?
• Enhanced sex drive
• To keep your relationship healthy?

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